January Fan Event Updates

January Fan Event Updates

Good morning, afternoon, or evening, Sonic fans around the world. A new year has started, and with it comes several planned Sonic fan events. Rather than having to wait for Summer of Sonic or Sonic Boom to get your fix of meeting fellow fans, there are events around the world to report on. We’re just a few days away from Weston Super Sonic in Weston-Super-Mare, but there are more events yet!

First off, we have a Sonic meetup planned at the Gamestop Expo later this year, hosted by yours truly. The Expo is hosted by gaming retail giant Gamestop, and is basically a much less costly E3 or PAX for those who are into video games. We (as in all meetup attendees) plan on stopping by whatever booth SEGA sets up in, but there’s hours’ worth of fun to occupy oneself. You get to play upcoming games, meet fellow fans, and have all sorts of fun activities such as getting pictures with mascots like Sonic. The event is set to be in Anaheim, California on Wednesday, September 10th. I plan on giving details as they come, but a good page for people to look into is the meetup’s Facebook page.

For those in the London area, Sonic London is holding their next meetup on February 23rd at the Meltdown Bar in London at 1:30 PM. Activities will as always include drawing and gaming. Here’s the event page!

In Florida, there will be a Sonic cosplay-themed meetup at UltraCon 2014 on February 22nd. Here’s the event page for all interested.

No event page for this last one, but there have so far been two monthly meets at Packrat Comics in Hilliard, Ohio. The meets generally begin at noon and are held on the first Saturday of every month; the next meetup will be on February 1st. These meetups, given their nature at a comic shop, often are awesome for those who are fans of the Archie series. The meetups are organized by Sonic Ohio!

As a final reminder, Sonic SoCal will be holding its first meetup at Johnny’s New York Pizza (the venue is half-owned by Johnny of Crush 40 fame) in Newport Beach, California on the 18th. Feel free to put yourself down as a maybe or going on the event’s page.