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On the internet of the 1996, when the atmosphere was thicker and Dimetrodon roamed, believe it or not there were Sonic Team websites, both English and Japanese. Digging around there, you can find all manner of silly PC freebies like animated cursors and icons or 10 second video clips in glorious 160×120 resolution. It was a different time, indeed.

If that’s not flashy enough for you, on the Japanese website, you can find three obscure wallpapers. Once you grapple with the LHA compression, you get to see these:


Ain’t they just adorable? If you still have an 800×600 device laying around somewhere, they’d be just perfect!

There’s also a cute little desktop clock, although the link doesn’t function anymore. Fortunately, you can still get it here. Thanks to woun at Sonic Retro, its background image was extracted and you can see it in its full glory:

Sonic Clock Background Image

That hill in the background is very… round. Are Sonic and Tails visiting the Mushroom Kingdom, or something?

Websites aren’t the only place Sonic Team distributed little nuggets of classic Sonic goodness. If you put the Sonic Jam disc in your computer, you’re treated to four wallpapers:


The characters look great here, if a little off. I wonder who the artist was?

Finally, of course, the biggest PC time waster of them all – a screensaver. Sonic the Screensaver was deemed valuable enough to be a standalone release in Japan, but was only bonus content on the PC Sonic & Knuckles Collection in the West.

image from

There’s so much content in this one, though, I’m going to save it for a future Sonic Second post after I somehow manage to get it running on my Windows 7 system.

Have fun digging around the site archives – here are the links again for the English and Japanese sites. See you next time!

h/t Sonic Retro

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One thought on “The Sonic Second: Sonic PC Freebies

  1. ClockworkBastard said on

    Nice article.

    If you still have an 800×600 device laying around somewhere, they’d be just perfect!
    —We still have the image resize software, with enhanced pixel processing filters, like the ones we have in emulators. So if you jump with it for a while you can get a quite descent image quality to use on ~modern screens.

    Like that just made in a 4 clicks with random online thing
    640×480 => 1280×960!

    PS I love the second WP. I’m pretty sure it is the same 3d model they used in ‘Sonic & Knuckles’ opening ^_^

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