The Sonic Second: Sonic’s Mascot Days (Part 2)

Last time on The Sonic Second, I talked about Wakuwaku Sonic Patrol Car, an arcade game in which Sonic acts like a mascot, taking on the role of a police officer. Whenever that game is mentioned, it’s a safe bet that the very similar SegaSonic Cosmo Fighter is not far behind. And so here we are – SegaSonic Cosmo Fighter.

image from
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From a top-down perspective similar to Patrol CarCosmo Fighter sees Sonic piloting a spacecraft in pursuit of Dr. Eggman, who fights back with a series of weapons including a huge multi-sprite dragon mech. The following video shows the cabinet and the gameplay in surprisingly high quality, and I’m extremely grateful that we have it because Cosmo Fighter, also like Patrol Car, has never had its ROM dumped.

Despite the similarities between the two arcade games, Cosmo Fighter is from two years later, in 1993, though from the footage shown, no characters or elements from beyond Sonic 1 make an appearance.

The graphics in the game are absolutely gorgeous, with colour palettes and space backgrounds that remind me strongly of the original Phantasy Star games. The design of Sonic’s spacecraft is also totally rad – the PUNCH configuration is like something out of Outlaw Star! Between it, the Tornado, and his car from the Sonic Drift series, I think we can conclude that Sonic digs flashy red vehicles.

image from the video above

All in all, Cosmo Fighter is one of the coolest looking Sonic spin-offs I’ve ever seen, and it’s a travesty that I can’t play it. 🙁

Though it will probably never happen, I would love to see Sega release this and Patrol Car again on mobile devices. Heck, throw in SegaSonic the Hedgehog while you’re at it – the touch screen would be able to emulate the trackball quite nicely. My Google wallet and I are both saying the same thing: “I’m waaaiting!”

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