Sweet Mountain (Classic) Remix by AshZone ft. Joshua Taipale

TheAshZone has just shared a remix track of Sweet Mountain from Sonic Colours which he created with the help of Joshua Taipale. It sounds great. Here’s what he had to say:

This one actually took a long time to work on, I kinda went for a different take on this one. I actually started on it during Summer and recently came back to it to finish it off. I really didnt know how else to loop the song too. Also, this song is for Sonic Misadventures, the new Sonic show that’s gonna be exclusively on Tails Channel on YouTube! I have to say, this one was really hard to work on, mixing wise, since im not too good at mixing and I wanted to avoid lowering the master volume because the song would turn out way too quiet. Oh well, it’s done. Enjoy!
Also be sure to check out Sonic Misadventures on Tails Channel on YouTube!

You can listen to the track here:

Source: Sonic United Message Board

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