Famitsu 19/10: New Sonic Forces screenshots, New details about Wisps and more!

Famitsu 19/10 issue has revealed screenshots of new “Green Hill” stages and the Avatar’s gadget “Wispons”. Along with these new screenshots, there is an interview with Mr. Iizuka (Producer of the series) and Mr. Nakamura (Producer of Sonic Forces).


A fox with two tails and Sonic’s friend who’s currently lost contact with him!


An echidna who’s also Sonic’s rival/friend. Sonic has gone missing and Knuckles (Captain of the Resistance Army) is holding back Eggman’s invasion.


Sonic’s disappearance was shocking news to everyone. Sonic’s friends, who had escaped from Eggman’s invasion, have formed the resistance army. The resistance has bases in several areas. Your Avatar visits the Resistance’s Secret Base and it is then that the story begins…

The secret base was created so they could stay hidden from Eggman. Silver and Espio are seen as hero figures. Amy is responsible for communication work.