Sonic Forces Interview from the latest Famitsu issue: "Who is Infinite?"

Sonic Forces Interview from the latest Famitsu issue: “Who is Infinite?”

Yesterday we posted the new Famitsu issue with Sonic Forces scans and translated story details. Right here, we’ve translated some important QA details about Infinite.

Q: What is the nature of this extremely powerful villain Infinite?

A: Iizuka: He was not always evil, but unlike Chaos, Infinite was not born by mutation, he’s animal character like Sonic’s team. The reason why he becomes powerful and why he becomes evil… you’ll get your answer in Shadow’s free DLC.

Q: What is the purpose of Eggman’s army vs. Sonic’s team?

A: Iizuka: Dr. Eggman controls his army corps and Infinite shows off his power. The answer for why Eggman has been able to dominate the world lies within Infinites abilities.

Q: Many bosses from previous generations are returning. The reason for it is?

A: Nakamura: I want you (the player) to have thoughts like “Why!?” while you’re playing. For example: “Why has Shadow become an enemy?” and “Why does Chaos exist again?” You will get the answer while playing the game.