Q: What does the name Sonic Redux mean?

A: The definition of Redux is brought back; restored. The Sonic series has strayed too far from its roots. The series was built upon fast paced platforming with pinball mechanics, relying on momentum. The last time a game like that was over a decade ago (Sonic Advance). Sonic Redux produces fan-made games which take the series back to its roots.

Q: What does Sonic Redux offer its visitors?

A: Sonic Redux offers a great amount of content. We deliver Sonic news, SEGA news, fan gaming news, community news, and we offer downloads such as fan games, art, game-creation tools, & more!

Q: How can I submit my fan game, music, or artwork to the website?

A: Simply head over to the forums, create an account, and post a topic containing your work in the correct forum. If your work has reached a certain amount of progress and you wish for it to be added to the website, then simply state so. It’s that simple.