Sonic Revolution 2014 - More tickets to be released March 8th!

Sonic Revolution 2014 – More tickets to be released March 8th!

Tanner “Ogilvie” Bates of the Sonic Revolution 2014 Staff here, with Sonic Revolution 2014 updates!

Did you miss the ticket “sales” on the 1st? Don’t fret – we have 50 more tickets going up for grabs on Saturday, March 8th at 10 AM PST. Tickets are free and you can grab more than one if you have any family or friends you’d want to bring along to the first fan-run Sonic convention in the United States! Tickets will be acquired at this link through EventBrite! These will be the last tickets available to the public for this year, though we will also have a standby line the day of the event if you don’t manage to snag one!

Want a guaranteed ticket rather than having to try your luck at sales? Book a room at the Holiday Inn Buena Park for June 14th and 15th with the group code “SGR” and e-mail a copy of your confirmation to to receive a ticket in your name! We have a limit of fifteen tickets that will be handed out this way. Even if you already have a ticket, the group code is valid for all attendees to use to receive a discount.

We have gone through a hundred tickets, and providing entry to press and special guests means we sadly lack the space to offer more. Best of luck with acquiring tickets, and we hope you’ll join us for eight hours of fun on June 15th! We have all sorts of fun activities planned for attendees and would love if you were one of them.