Sonic Boom TV Show a Success

The last episode of Sonic Boom before a mid-season break has recently aired. The show has done well with the attention from key demographics doubling and tripling. This is great news considering the poor reviews of the video games. The reviews of the TV show are twice as good as the reviews of the games. The next episode is set to air early-2015. We’ll just have to wait for the new episodes.

2 thoughts on “Sonic Boom TV Show a Success

  1. Why are they taking a mid-season break? They were contracted to make 52 shorts. They’ve only made 8 so far. In fact, the last two weeks have been half new, half rerun.

    I still think that OuiDo! is having production issues, as this is their first time doing CG animation. And after seeing how badly any fluid animates, and all the instances of models clipping, and things like Sticks losing her eyelashes and Amy getting two sets of eyelashes…

    1. Actually, it was 12 they made so far. And I watched some of the episodes and not noticed any of these issues. I’m not saying that they’re not true. I’m just saying that they’re mostly unoticable. Also, OuiDo! is also working on Alvinnn!!! which is CG animated. I think their problem is that they spend too much time on one episode. As they only showed footage of the first couple episodes in their trailers.

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